Memorial Day Thoughts

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Plenty of online tributes to our veterans over this Memorial Day weekend. Many are touching. As I tweaked my site today to add a photo of a windjammer on Penobscot Bay in Maine, it seems appropriate to add my own thoughts. My father, who loved his Friendship Sloop and sailing in Penobscot Bay and Chesapeake Bay, served his country. We often trivialized it, as did he, saying he did his two years and retired a PFC. Truth is he played his part, probably more important than anyone would like to admit. As he got older, he became more nostalgic and truly valued the role he played and the importance of service – he was also a lifelong volunteer fireman. Ultimately, he chose to be interred in a National Cemetery near his adopted home in Jacksonville. In hindsight, more power to him, and thanks to him and all who have served, no matter the role. No role is trivial as they come together to deliver to us the ability to freely post what we will on websites like this, and there is nothing trivial about that. Enjoy your Memorial Day, but don’t forget why we remember.

Thanks to all who have served and sacrificed, and the loved ones they left behind. We can’t say it often or emphatically enough.

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