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Getaway Special

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We are into the New Year, with the inauguration just around the corner, and maybe it is time for a getaway special. With so much angst surrounding the inauguration, and so many celebrities committed to leaving the country, let’s look at travel. Perhaps you will be inspired regardless your political leanings. If nothing else, you may find some great ideas for 2017 and beyond.

Getaway Special: Finding the best deals…
Using the right tools can make a world of difference. These are worth a look. The 12 Best Travel Sites and Apps You Need Right Now
Maybe you just want to keep moving … seems there are plenty of ‘hot spots’ around the world these days. Staying mobile may improve your odds. How to Fly for Free on Every Business Trip

Getaway Special: If this is it for you, find a good landing spot…
Retiring offshore? Find a safe, cost effective destination with this list. Top 10 Best Retirement Countries for 2017
Then again, you may want to avoid the high profile city destinations. This list will help strike the right balance. Budget European City Breaks: Cut-price alternatives to Paris, London, Amsterdam and more
Wherever you choose, I bet you will want to stay connected. These tips will help keep you in the loop. 8 tech tips I learned while traveling abroad
If you really want off the grid, think private island. Your own coral atoll in the South Pacific

Getaway Special: Perhaps you are not ready to give up on the US just yet…
This is for you if you still love your country, but happen to share Meryl Streep’s take on the immediate future. These doomsday shelters for the 1% make up the largest private bunker community on Earth Luxury bunkers will protect 5,000 from the apocalypse – in style

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