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Summer Retirement Special

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. – Albert Einstein

Your retirement – consistent vigilance will make it easier:
May as well start with a favorite: fees. This time focusing on 401(k) fees, perhaps the most insidious. Don’t rule out the convenience factor in their appearance. High Fee 401(k) Convenient for Employer, Costly for You
Another important concept is changing your focus to income, not assets or even returns. Focus on retirement income, not investment return
While we are on the topic of retirement income, it is not just the tools, but the strategy that are important. How to Withdraw Retirement Money the Right Way
In case you feel exempt – too soon or too late – from this discussion, read this: It’s never too early – or late – to plan for your retirement years
I was honestly surprised by this, just how low the threshold is for crimping your benefits – $15,750! Social Security claiming strategy short-circuited by excess earnings (you have to register for Investment News, but it costs nothing and is worthwhile)
Here’s a really interesting way to combine active and passive strategies, and one well worth considering: Why are more advisors seeking managed ETF portfolios?

Markets and the Economy –murky as ever, but worth keeping a focus here:
With all the intervention by central banks and, as this article points out, rampant corporate buy-back programs, one must wonder the ramifications of a draw down on these fronts. If Price Insensitive Buyers Become Sellers, Will the Entire Market Collapse?
I like to touch on volatility often, and this is an interesting (albeit one month old) look at things. Navigating the Volatility Maze in Equities
A little more on Greece, China and volatility (also somewhat dated, but still relevant for your knowledge base). China, Greece and Volatility

Diversions – some lighter reads to pick you up, especially on vacation:
Easily a week’s worth of great, non-fiction reading for you. Roughly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism
We all love to complain about prescription drug prices in the US, and there is some merit to that when compared globally. Still, it is stories like these that make you marvel. Anavax May Actually Cure Alzheimer’s
While not in the pharmaceutical world, this, too, has some amazing promise for good globally. Solar energy that doesn’t block the view
Just to lighten things up some. It’s hard to pick a favorite, enjoy: Nutty Facts About North Korea