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Taking the long view

Taking the long view
An update focusing on the long view in a variety of venues

There was a lot of coverage about the landing of a spacecraft on a comet this week. Still, if you missed it, it truly is worth a quick look at the remarkable photos and to admire the technical acumen required to make this feat possible.
Landing on a Comet 317 Million Miles from Home
Graphic Shows the Size of Rosetta’s Comet
Comet over cities in Europe

This may seem highly esoteric, and incredibly economist-wonky, but trust me; it really is an interesting read about the extreme lengths to which Japan’s central bank is going to manage their economy. It is most interesting because of the global implication … that’s right, it all gets back to your retirement.
Things That Make You Go Hmmm…Like Japan’s Inevitable Apocalypse

We are fast approaching the 100th anniversary of the “Christmas Truce” from the first Christmas of World War I. This often forgotten touch of humanity during the brutal trench war that would forever change the landscape is very much worth remembering.

First, a shameless plug for the Minnesota Opera’s Pulitzer Prize winning Silent Night, composed by Kevin Puts, with libretto by Mark Campbell, this captures all the elements of the moment. Plus, it is a very easy entrée into the opera world … you won’t even realize it is an opera, believe me. It will be airing on your local PBS station just before Christmas, check the schedule for your local time.
Silent Night on PBS

Interestingly enough, Sainsbury’s has created a great ad around the event, too. I came across this yesterday which reminded me of Silent Night.
This heartbreaking anti-war commercial just won Christmas