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Retirement security is your responsibility

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Retirement security – watch the fundamentals and use the best tools:
This is short, and brilliant. Read it for your own retirement security. Time to kill the 4 percent rule?
You probably need help with your retirement security. So, this is worth reading, too. 4 Questions Everyone Must Ask Their Retirement Advisor
You have seen much about Smart Beta here, and elsewhere. The first article helps explain it a bit more, and the second highlights a current winner in the space. Why ‘smart beta’ strategies deserve all the attention and assets they’re attracting DoubleLine’s Shiller CAPE fund beating rivals while adding smart alpha to smart beta
If you really want to roll up your sleeves, consider this: 30 Years Ago Warren Buffett Gave Away the Secret to Good Investing and Correctly Predicted No One Would Listen

Leadership tips –the Pope again, seriously, and more:
That’s right, back to Pope Francis, this time in the Harvard Business Review sharing views on leadership diseases. You may not agree with them all, but you cannot deny having seen some of them. The 15 Diseases of Leadership, According to Pope Francis
He’s not the Pope, but Jack Welch delivered unparalleled results during his tenure leading GE. That’s worth considering. Top 10 lessons from Jack Welch

Travel tips – with the Dollar strong, Europe’s cheaper, think about it:
Some great spots on this list, focused on leveraging the strong Dollar. 35 Places to Visit While the Euro is at an 11-Year Low
I love finding hidden gems, and this list is chock full. 10 Insanely Gorgeous, Under-the-Radar European Destinations

Boost your retirement savings

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”—Winston Churchill

Retirement tips – Save, save, save and watch the fees:
A hidden shame of the disproportionate recovery explained here. Not only have many, many not enjoyed the rising stock market, but largely they say it is because they do not have the money to invest. Over half of Americans pass on the stock market
On a similar, and related, note, many, many Americans do not have employer based retirement plans. So, they are on their own, know it, or not, and likely to be expecting Social Security to carry the day. US Retirement Preparedness Seems Wobbly
Here’s a fascinating overview of the phantom recovery notion and some sage advice on downside protection for your retirement savings. Paper Wealth In Your Accounts Is Great, But Only If You Know How To Protect It
To the extent you do participate in the markets, don’t forget the fees! This week consider the 12b-1 fee – honest, look for this one. The Single Most Obnoxious Retirement Fee: How to Dump It

Leadership tips – get some tips from the Pope, and stay accessible:
Pope Francis has been a refreshing change for the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps it is time to take a few pointers from his leadership playbook. Pope Francis and the Discipline to Win the Long Game
While I often harp on it, communication is key to successful leadership. Here learn more, and highlight the notion of meaningful work for your team. How and Why to Help Employees Find Meaning in Their Work

Travel tips – while you save for retirement, save on your travel, too:
This guy spends all his time finding deals, now you can benefit from his labors. The ‘Man Who Flies for Free’ says these are the 3 best websites for airline deals
When you are on the road – hopefully decompressing – use these apps to make it a better experience. 30 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Frequent Flyers

This week, something to ponder:
This crosses over between distraction and travel, really interesting, though. Seven Unknown Architectural Wonders
I’m going to bet you missed this one. Amid a glut of shipwreck finds, this stands apart for its antiquity. The Antikythera Shipwreck – The Titanic of the Ancient World and its Sunken Historic Treasure