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Leadership in a Matrix Organization (or any other)

Following on to my last post it seems worth expanding on the tactical elements of leadership in a matrix, or any other organization. The key to successfully engaging your entire team is multi-faceted. It begins with ensuring that each of your team members knows that they are valued contributors to the process. Looking back, that means their voice and insights are included in steps #1 Truly know your business and #2 Find the key intersections. Each team member must also be fully part of the dialogue that generate step #3 Define a vision and step #4 Paint a picture. From this immersion and level footing, each team member becomes fully invested in the process, the vision, and achieving the goals. They become emissaries for the business within their functional areas, geographies, or related business units. Their investment in the process ensures that when they represent the interests of the business, they do so with a firm grasp of the underlying reasoning that supports the chosen direction. This team of advocates – hopefully zealots – furthers the goals of the business by automatically driving step #5 Stay committed. Their commitment to the process and its outcomes keep them active, vocal advocates, and ready ambassadors to their larger constituencies – whether that be their senior management, broad organizations, clients, partners, etc. Using the process in this way provides you with an assurance that the business is on a thoughtful path, with broad support and multiple feedback mechanisms to stay on track. Each team member owns the vision, is enthusiastic, and has a commitment to achieving the goals. You have laid a winning foundation for your business.