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Improve your leadership

Some leadership greats are on the scene right now, learn from them. Sate your thirst for ‘Saturday Night Live’ nostalgia, and then look to the stars tonight.

Take some time to improve your leadership today:
Tim Cook had a seemingly impossible task, to replace Steve Jobs. Say what you will about him, the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Leadership Lessons: 11 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Tim Cook
I admit, never heard of Naheed Nenshi, but he’s got the right ideas. Business Leadership Lessons From the World’s Best Mayor
On the global, geopolitical scene, Angela Merkel has to be seen as the model for leadership these days. Share your better examples of real geopolitical leadership. Angela Merkel’s crisis world tour, mapped and explained
This is way out there for me, but seems like some good ideas in this quick read. 5 Mindfulness Techniques That Will Improve Your Relationships and Make You a Better Leader

The Saturday Night Live links worth perusing:
Rolling Stone’s crack at ranking the players. Opinions? ‘Saturday Night Live’: All 141 Cast Members Ranked
If you did not see your favorite old skit in the live celebration, you are likely to find it on this great app. ‘Saturday Night Live’ app puts 40 years of sketches on your iPhone
It’s hard to argue this point, demonstrated with another outstanding infographic: Lorne Michaels is the most influential man in comedy

Some great things to take you away:
An unusual, visual convergence occurs tonight, look for it yourself. Moon, Venus, Mars Meet in Friday Night Sky: How to See It
I hit on Lake Baikal a couple of weeks ago, but here are some more amazing photos of frozen lakes … in case it is not cold where you are today! 10+ Breathtaking Frozen Lakes, Oceans and Ponds, That Look Like Art
Time for some perspective on wealth, consider spending $1.2 Billion on your new boat. Check out the great infographic in the article. The $1 billion superyacht: Bigger, longer, but is it better?