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Robots and AI … Scary?

Promising, but scary, robots and AI are here to stay. Of course, I give you some retirement leads, some bad news on the economy, and some things to take your mind off all that heavy stuff.

Notice a lot of talk about robots and AI lately? Here are some interesting perspectives:
On the plus side, and really in tune with my ongoing focus on your retirement, there are the so-called Robo Advisors. Forbes tells you what to know and reviews the best of the lot … today. 7 Robo Advisors That Make Investing Effortless
Here you will read about how Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, tells us robots will be as smart as humans by 2029. That’s only 14 years from now. Rise of the robots: how long do we have until they take our jobs
Going one rather logical step further, this article looks at the notion of the human-less corporation. It is a really interesting article, worth your time. Are we ready for companies that run themselves?

Your weekly dose of retirement reading, don’t forget this:
Morningstar gives you a nice, disciplined way to give yourself a retirement check-up in five days. Mind you, their fifth step is a bit of a sales pitch. Still, a worthwhile read. Morningstar’s 5-Point Retirement Portfolio Checkup
I cannot harp on this one enough, since I started pushing to develop these products back in the early 2000’s. Longevity annuities … ones that pay you when you are starting to run out of reserves … are the most important thing to learn about. Longevity Annuities: Their Time Has Come
If you are lucky enough to worry about trusts and estates, this is a good read. 10 top trusts and estates trends for 2015

A couple of quick economic points:
Okay, don’t want to ruin your weekend, but it is a valid data point. The index that timed the 2008 crash perfectly just slumped to a 3-decade low
I have noted this anomaly here before, but another perspective on the US labor market. Beyond this point, I saw recently that Texas and North Dakota combined to create more than all the “job creation” since the downturn. Mind you, Texas and North Dakota are ground zero for the oil boom. CEO of Gallup calls jobless rate ‘big lie’ created by White House, Wall Street, media

Diversions for your weekend:
I love articles that put things into perspective, simply. This one does two things, gives you a sense for the speed of light and the distances just within our solar system. Across the solar system at the speed of light: Breathtaking video takes viewers from the Sun’s surface to Jupiter in 45 minutes
Another piece in the same vein as the last that creationists may not like, an infographic that parses time. Time is Put Into Perspective in this Infographic

Best leadership reading from the web February 7, 2014

Spend five minutes to get some interesting commentary on leadership, financial services, and some fun diversions.

Business Leadership:
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Financial Services Insight:
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Interesting Diversions – Technology, Politics, and more:
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