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Retirement: Why Worry?

Some friends and associates may pass over my periodic posts here thinking they are not relevant to them, which is why I am focusing on retirement: why worry? You see, regardless your situation, well prepared or ill prepared, knowing more and acting on it with respect to your retirement is entirely relevant for each of you.

First, some context on where things stand.
Americans are astonishingly ill prepared for retirement, and Social Security is no panacea. You truly do have to invest in your retirement, and the leaner things are now, the smarter you need to be about it.
We are way behind: Ready to get serious about saving for retirement? Here’s what you need to do.
Compound interest helps: Ask a financial planner: ‘What is compound interest?’
Managing your investments does not end when you retire: 3 Reasons it’s important you continue investing long after you retire
Healthcare remains the elephant in the room: These 5 charts predict what retirees will pay for healthcare over the next 10 years Near retirees can expect $400K in health care costs
We continue to live longer, so the old rules no longer apply: We’re living longer – get ready to pay for it 4% Retirement Rule: Why It Might Not Work for You, and What You Should Do About It Managing your retirement nest egg and making it last as long as you do

Now that you have a sense for things, what can you do about it right now?

I realize I seem to have a one track mind, retirement. That’s because it is how I best feel able to help each of you. Now, though, here are some other, thought provoking articles.
You may have read about this AI from Google beating the world class Go player. It is said to be quite a feat, and this article expands on this. Most interestingly, the article delves into the ‘what-ifs’ around AI given this one’s ability to think of things a human would not consider. Fascinating. Google just proved how unpredictable artificial intelligence can be
As you think of desirable traits for a President, predictability has to be pretty high on the list. Admittedly most campaign promises go by the boards, but you hope the candidate is truthful and sticks to their core beliefs (as outlined during the election). Incredibly, The Economist has taken a strong stand on our current election cycle. What do you think of this? ‘President Donald Trump’ in Top Ten Risk Events for Global Economy

A Retirement Teaser

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs. – Dhirubhai Ambani, entrepreneur

Retirement – it’s a full time job … beforehand:
This is a great list, with the facts behind the second one most astonishing. The median retirement savings for working households: $3,000. 10 scary retirement statistics
Back to an old favorite, focusing on retirement income, not assets or returns, this article gives a good review of your options to deliver income in retirement. Retirement Strategy: How Much Money Will You Spend on Money?
On the same note, here is a fascinating look at the old 4% rule of thumb. It includes looking at how you invest and our old friend, fees. The 4% Spending Rule: Golden Rule or Guideline?

Miscellany – things to keep you thinking on your vacation:
We are now getting far enough away from the Cold War that Freedom of Information Act requests are generating some fascinating reads. Incredible moment USA came within 30 SECONDS of launching NUCLEAR strike on Russia
There is not a lot of ‘news’ in this chart (our cover photo this week), but I draw your attention on the inverse, youth. Notice the color of Africa here. That is why companies (and countries) are focusing there now. World Population over 65 in 2050
Think Donald Trump has all the answers? General Ray Odierno, who retires today, surely does not agree with regard to his ISIS strategy. A top US general picks apart Donald Trump’s ISIS policy
This is just pure, unadulterated fun, no learning to on offer here. 35 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Make You Question Your Sanity