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Your retirement, plan now

It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance.– Thomas Huxley, scientist

Retirement security – the more you know…:
It is always inevitable, a downturn, but after this long run…be prepared. This is an interesting analysis of a low cost protection. Portfolio Structure for Hedging Against a Downturn
Of course, high yields are a nice thing to have, too … that is, without undue risk. How to Get High Yield Returns in Retirement
This just came out today, an interesting, albeit academic, view of retirement savings. I still think it is worth the read. Saving for retirement should be Job #1
Always willing to lead you a little further into the weeds, consider reading this (it does mean a free registration) piece on the impact of interest rates on your retirement. Interest rate liability important to retirement conversation

The Economy –a toe-dip into the world of macroeconomics, join me:
I’ve been saying this for a few posts now, and it gets more compelling as we go. Of course there’s always contrary data, and they like to highlight that, but …. Wall Street is on the verge of saying ‘recession’
In very much the same vein, but on a defensive note, here’s Goldman’s take: What Goldman is Telling It’s Clients: Sell in May and Don’t Come Back for a Year

Leadership tips –back to the servant leader topic:
I have touched on this a few times, and really want to like it. Maybe it’s the name that throws me. Still, I pretty much agree. Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to be a ‘Servant Leader’
Being a persuasive speaker is a winning skill to have, here’s a quick, helpful guide. 6 Tips for Writing a Persuasive Speech (on any topic)

Travel tips – save money for your retirement, but still have fun:
I’m always happy to find money savers, and this is an interesting tool. Clearlayover Combines Two Round Trips for Significant Savings
Even if you don’t save money on your flight, you want to be comfortable! Here’s my strategy for securing the best seat on every flight

Miscellany – take your mind off things this weekend:
Some fun flashbacks to see David Letterman off the air. David Letterman Retires: A Brief History of the Top 10 List
This is a pretty cool, pretty disturbing application of technology. Public photos mined to create beautiful time-lapses