With over 100 years of experience leading businesses large and small, our team brings you real world expertise and knowledge across the disciplines essential to growing and improving your business. Whether you need support in broad business strategy, communications, or execution, or help with your sales, service or technology areas, we have the practical tools to make a meaningful impact, fast. Particular depth and expertise are evident in certain key specialties outlined here:

Strategic Assessment – Unparalleled ability to understand businesses and the markets in which they operate, and quickly translate that knowledge into a winning, long-term strategy which will positively impact both the top and bottom lines.

Tactical Translation – The ability to take a well defined strategy, articulate it at the macro-level for board presentations and investors and, most importantly, to translate it into tactical steps and downstream communications needed for successful implementation across the enterprise.

Execution – The final step in realizing the long-term strategy.  Execution is the essential element of turning strategies and plans into action and results.  Bringing expertise in defining discrete segments of work, clearly articulating them to organizations with linkages from the work effort to the strategic implications, and creating the monitoring, measurement and communication processes to keep the organization on track and informed.

Cash and Capital Management – Our proven, turnkey solution enables insurance carriers to dramatically reduce the first year cash and capital strain associated with writing new business. Contact us for more information on this exciting opportunity to fuel your growth with existing cash and capital.

Our team also brings specialized expertise from extensive practical experience with the creation, marketing and distribution of financial products including the full array of annuity products, life insurance products, asset and wealth management products, long term care insurance and disability income insurance. In addition, we have extensive experience with enterprise software development, marketing, sales and deployment and the full array of telecom services. In all business lines, this expertise carries back to the operational side of the business from product and software development to customer support and all related support functions.

Contact Us – sales@independence-associates.com

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