Motivating Sales Teams

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I came across this article the other day, and it sparked some deeper thought on getting and keeping your sales team on the same page as the organization. I love the core premise of the piece: that compensation is just one piece of the sales motivational puzzle. I am particularly fond of Colleen’s points #3 – Protect Your Team, #4 – Reward Your Team verbally or with an e-mail, and #5 – Separate the Manager from Selling. This goes to creating a supportive environment in which your sales team is positioned to win. I tend to agree with her point #6 – Have a commission plan that rewards your team for the behaviors you want. It goes without saying, but her sub-points about keeping it simple, ensuring everyone understands and encouraging team behavior are good. I think there is an important elaboration, though, and I would make it point #1. Consistent with my core philosophy that truly high performing organizations start with a well reasoned, well articulated strategy, your sales organization is an important part of that downstream messaging. Clearly translating your organizational vision into direction and implications for sales and marketing keeps everyone working toward the same goal. Ensuring that sales compensation plans dovetail with that messaging is vital. Finally, stay in front of the sales organization. Be visibly supportive and engaged, and use that time to keep reinforcing the overarching goals for the organization and the vital role the sales team can, and is, playing in making the vision reality.

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