The impact of organizational culture

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The impact of culture and measurements on organizational performance

Plus: a new way to think about negotiations, some better ways to think about retirement savings, and hope for the torture that is travel today.
Business Leadership:
So what really is the problem with GM or the IRS? Are there really bad people, or is the organizational culture and measurements pushing people to act in certain ways? When Managing to Results Turns Deadly
An interesting perspective on negotiations, albeit a cloaked sales pitch for a book. A quick teaser on how to find creative solutions that satisfy both parties. What They didn’t Teach You at Business School About Negotiation

Retirement Insight:
We’ve all been thinking about our 401(k) the wrong way, says Economics Nobel Prize Winner … I happen to agree … it’s about sustainable income in retirement, not account value or returns today 401(k)s face ‘crisis,’ says Nobelist Merton
One thing is certain, staying on top of retirement savings related fees will make a giant difference in your actual retirement 5 Fees That are Killing Your Retirement

General Economy:
A look over some of the hottest topics in the economy, and the model for my revised formatting, thanks Jeff The Grim Reality of Inflation without Wage Growth

Travel Insights:
Remember pre-9/11 travel? Running from your car straight to the gate? We may never get back to that, but there are some promising signs. Keep Your Shoes On: the Future of Airport Security
Until travel becomes idyllic, which no one expects soon, it is always good to have options. Buzzing the Tower: the Top 10 Airport Bars

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