It’s the economy, stupid

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Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” – Gen. George Patton

Markets and the Economy –still little clarity, but some things are clear:
I have found the data to be pretty compelling absent this analysis, but for the doubters: 12 Ways the Economy is in Worse Shape Now than During the Depths of the Last Recession
What do you suppose the Street is doing about it? Wall Street Prepares to Reap Billions from Another Main Street Wipeout
Oh, and China’s wacky market tale continues, too. Consider this: China dumped a huge amount of gold on the market and investors are spooked Not to mention this: Similarities Between China’s Stock Market Crash and 1929 are Eerie

Your retirement – thoughts for a challenging environment:
Do you think interest rates will rise? Soon? Janet Yellen still says they will in 2015. When they do, or shall I say before, these are good things to know. The Insurance Industry is in an Investor Sweet Spot Right Now Weapons for Battling Rising Interest Rates
You have seen all the conflicting data; probably have a feel for the really high markets; and you have seen the crazy global picture. So, what do you do now? Be a Cash-Holding Shark as the Market Bloodbath Approaches

Leadership – it matters in all you do:
Here is a quick, really good checklist for leadership. It is literally a five-minute read … worth it. 10 undeniable behaviors of a great leader
I like this article a lot. It gives a good, concise approach to developing and executing on a great vision. I have said here many times before, communication is the key to moving an organization forward effectively. This does a nice job backing that up for you. Using the Billboard Effect to Develop and Obtain Employee Buy-in on the Leader’s Vision

May as well save some money, right?:
This is worth watching, a cross between Amazon and Costco, Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s New Rival
I was not aware of most of these … again, worth a look. Hidden hotel freebies you could be missing out on

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