Interesting Leadership Reads to Start the New Year Right

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I hope everyone has enjoyed his or her holiday break. Now, to kick off a happy new year, I offer a selection of interesting reads across the web from business leadership and financial services insights to some interesting diversions. Enjoy.

Business Leadership:
SmartBlog on Leadership’s Top Posts of 2013 (SmartBlog on Leadership)
How The ‘World’s Dumbest Idea’ Killed The US Economic Recovery (Forbes)
10 Business Lessons from the Beatles (The Big Picture)

Financial Services Insight:
AP IMPACT: The world braces for retirement crisis (AP Impact)
Great Recession hangover: What happened to America’s lost wealth? (The Week)

Interesting Diversions:
Here’s A Mind-Blowing Picture Of The Grand Canyon That Only Happens Once Every 10 Years (Business Insider)
Astonishing Pictures Of Afghanistan From Before The Wars (Business Insider)
Watch This Compilation of the Most Hilarious News Bloopers of 2013 (Shock Mansion)


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