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Action is the foundational key to all success.” — Anthony Robbins, writer and motivational speaker

Economy and the Market – never a dull moment, and hard to predict:
Over half of European countries now trade sovereign debt with negative yields! BofA Looks at Europe’s Record € 2.6 Trillion in Negative-Yielding Debt, Is Shocked at What it Finds
Along with the craziness of negative rates comes the fall of the Euro. The Fall of the Mighty Euro
More on China, with global commodities and basic industries slumping, this is no surprise, but it does not bode well. China steel industry is flashing warning signs that the world cannot ignore
Then, there is the Fed, and Ben Bernake recently saying that negative interest would not be a bad idea. Dollar Moves Shake the World: “Federal Reserve Could Start a Currency War”
With all that news and the weak 1.5% US growth last quarter, is it any surprise that US rates remain a hot topic? Read this, though, for a surprise in its own right. Wall Street guru who has been nailing the interest rate story just made a jarring prediction for 2016

It’s your retirement, keep an eye on it:
It is good news that they reached a budget deal this week, but there is a hidden, unpleasant surprise for Social Security participants. Advisers rethink retirement plans amid Social Security changes Game almost over for Social Security claiming strategies
If you already do claim Social Security, this may be of interest, too. Be cautious of changes in strategy to offset the Medicare hikes in 2016. Don’t abandon Social Security strategy to avoid Medicare hike
This is always worth a reminder, keep an eye on fees, all fees. Reducing High 401(k) Fees Want a Financial Adviser? Here are Some Things to Look For

Travel – some escapism for your weekend:
This guy figured out how to maximize his miles, and you get the inside look. This guy used a frequent flier loophole to get a $60,000 trip in a first-class suite on Emirates – here’s what it was like
If you don’t mind Detroit or Chicago, this is a good list for you. 10 Stunningly Beautiful Abandoned Buildings in America
A little more down to Earth, I have to share this one. Most Hotel Safes Have a Hidden Lock That’s Easy to Break Into

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