Do you understand the economy?

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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Markets and the Economy –confusion reigns, with conflicting data points everywhere:
The US employment picture continues to baffle those who care to look beyond the stated unemployment figures. This is Why Participation in the US Workforce Has Plunged to Its Lowest Since 1977
In case you thought you were getting a clear picture of markets and the economy, these articles shed some light on government intervention (directly or indirectly) into markets beyond the numbers games and Fed intervention. Are Big Banks Using Derivatives to Suppress Bullion Prices? Citigroup Just Cornered the “Precious Metals” Derivatives Market Red China Goes Redder, Stocks Tumble Despite Government Ban on Bearish Talk

Your retirement – one quick one on fees:
Just about every week I harp on fees. In fact, I’ve touched on FeeX before. While it has limitations, it should help you understand your current fee structure. That is a win in itself. Can Technology Solve the Mystery of 401(k) Fees?

Special one-time notice:
If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, be ready for July 15 “Prime Day.” Amazon to celebrate 20th birthday with Prime Day sale

Boring, but worth noticing:
Do you suppose this was intentional, or simply an unintended consequence? Regardless, is it a good thing? Amid New Overtime Rules, More Employers Might Set Email Curfews
Of course we all saw this coming, but still it’s particularly offensive from that role. Eric Holder Back on Wall Street After Years Refusing to Jail Bankers
Thrifty, but smart, ways to save on long hauls. Best Airlines to Fly International Economy

Science at work:
These are fascinating … now to apply them. 4 unbelievable chemical substances humans have discovered
If you are particularly lazy, and in a rush, this is for you: Cloud of Breathable Cocktail Can Make You Drunk just by Breathing

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