Best leadership reading from the web February 14, 2014

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Take a break to get some interesting perspective on leadership, financial services, and the Olympics.

Business Leadership:
Making Better Decisions over Time (Strategy & Business)
Everything I need to know about management I learned from playing Dungeons and Dragons (Quartz)
The Health Hazards of Sitting (The Washington Post)

Financial Services Insight:
Schwab’s all-ETF 401(k) platform revs up competition (Investment News)
Longer Life Means More Financial Strain (
New Heights: Funds Family 2013 Rankings (Barrons)

Olympics Special:
Looking Back: Photos From the First 12 Winter Olympics (The Atlantic)
Luge Olympian Matt Mortensen Takes GoPro On His Run And It’s Awesome (Huffington Post)
The Best GIF You’ll See Today (Take Your Vitamin Z)

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