Best leadership reading for March 21, 2014

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Your weekly reading on leadership, retirement, and some fun diversions.

Business Leadership:
40% of your team’s effort is wasted. These four methods get results.  (The Week)
Leader. It Doesn’t Matter What You Know If You Can’t Communicate (George Ambler)
Why Leaders are Poor Communicators (Forbes)

Retirement Insight:
4% withdrawal rate in retirement unrealistic in real world, researchers say (InvestmentNews)
The Illusion of “Investing.” (The Capital Spectator)
Government’s Empty Buildings are Costing Taxpayers Billions (NPR)

This Week’s Diversions:
77 Facts that Sound like Huge Lies but are Completely True (Buzz Feed)
Who Needs Kickstarter? Exercise Sensor Moov Raises $1 Million In 15 Days (Forbes)
A Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign could cost $1.7 billion? (CNN)

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