Admire some American Heroes

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Admire some American Heroes
Then: tune up your retirement savings and take a little break, too

Two Vietnam vets get the recognition they deserve:
The two latest Medal of Honor winners are from Vietnam, read their astonishing stories Despite wounds, Medal of Honor recipient killed up to 175 enemies, saved comrades

A weekly dose of retirement guidance:
Continuing my crusade on lowering your fees, here are some tips for inside your 401(k), or 403(b), I suppose, for that matter Creative Ways to Cut Your 401(k) Fees

John Kim, NY Life Vice Chair, tells you why to feel good about the economic outlook 9 reasons why Alan Greenspan is wrong about everything

Better than average weekly diversions:
An animated look at the changing composition of the United States 170 Years of American History in One Amazing GIF
A truly disturbing story about invasive species Here’s how “disruptive innovation” works in nature
You might imagine we’ve found everything on Earth, right? Not so fast, and it’s right next door! Archeologists Discover Two Long Lost Ancient Maya Cities in Jungle of Mexico

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