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We express solidarity with our friends in France, and with all who would disavow acts of brutality. We feel for the people of France, and all impacted by last night’s awful event in Nice.

There is high uncertainty in the world, from these too often terrorist acts to still fragile economies and a host of backlash political events. This lends ever more credence to our focus on helping you take control of your own retirement planning and related retirement success. For now, we will keep our posts consistent in format, zeroing in on fees, increased saving rates and generating income.

Improving your retirement, first focus on fees.
This is an old, old article, but very detailed and interesting. Hidden 401(k) Fees Are Stealing Your Nest Egg
This article nicely lays out for you some fees to beware of when investing. Understanding Investment Fees: From Brokerage Commissions to Sales Loads
While not spot on to our topic, the notion of doing smart things early, including watching fees, certainly is valuable advice. 5 ways to overcome obstacles between you and retirement

Improving your retirement, next focus on saving more.
Most people need to save more than they already do. Now you need to save more than you even thought because of market volatility and other factors. Market volatility raises the bar for retirement income savers
One other driver for the need to save more – the cost of being retired … most notably the cost of medical expenses in retirement. Do not forget a vital, big cost that is coming. 5 ways retirees can control long-term health-care costs
While it is little consolation, realize that you are not alone, and likely not in the worst position with respect to your accumulated savings. Guess How Many Americans Over 55 Don’t Have Any Retirement Savings

Improving your retirement, lastly focus on building an income stream.
We are not the only ones who understand that dividend stocks help build income with principal in retirement. Plus, with interest rates stubbornly low, negative in some places, dividend stocks offer an attractive alternative. That market interest drives down dividend yields. You need to be sharper to find the best options. Retirement Strategy: 3 Dividend Themes Still Ripe for the Picking
If you are interested in going deep on this, i.e. finding and buying dividend gems, this is a great article for you. How to Use Finviz to Find Bargain Dividend Stocks for Free
While it may be the flip side of income, avoiding taxes is another way for you to net more money in your pocket after tax. So, it is always a good idea to optimize your Social Security strategy, too. Here are some good tips. 5 Ways to Avoid Taxes on Your Social Security Benefits

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