Retirement Focus

Retirement Focus

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You may not read my weekly updates, but I implore you to read this one article to improve your retirement focus today. Technically Speaking: Importance of Duration Matching

Retirement Focus: Keeping your eye on the cost of investing.
This is an interesting level set on leveraging the changing market to your advantage.  More investors seeking financial advice are turning to lower-cost options
Never forget, fees are everywhere … and commissions often, too … so keep a sharp eye, always. Are You Letting Fees Destroy Your Retirement Savings?

Retirement Focus: Generating income in retirement.
ETFs tend to keep your costs low, and dividend stocks tend to throw off income without need to focus on appreciation. Combine the two, ETFs and dividend stocks, for a powerful combination. 5 Dividend ETFs for 2016
Of course, if you are so inclined, there is plenty of guidance out there for buying individual dividend focused stocks. Many of these have been shared before, so look, but here is a timely article to consider. Don’t Sell in May: Buy These 4 Dividend Growers Instead

Retirement Focus: Stay aware of the environment.
Demgraphic trends are global, not unique to the US. That means massive implications for world markets and select industries, too. These 6 charts explain the world’s looming demographic crisis
That does have real implications for your Social Security benefits, too. So much is said about Social Security, from it’s fine to it’s a disaster, it is hard to know what is true. This may help you put it into perspective. This Scary Social Security Trend Can’t be Ignored Any Longer

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