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Optimizing Your Retirement

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With tax season and tax freedom day behind us, let’s refocus our energy on Optimizing Your Retirement. There are three core philosophies we expound most often: keeping your investments efficient by optimizing costs and returns, focusing on income generation during retirement, and staying focused on the interrelated topics of longevity, healthcare costs, and making your nest-egg last.

How can you be as efficient an investor as possible?
Optimizing your retirement starts with keeping control over the costs in your portfolio. That includes all your buckets of money, 401(k), IRA, 403(b), investment accounts, everything. Some are harder than others to determine, but do your homework and get the best bang for your buck.  Expense ratio continuously impacts the NAV of a fund and How to Increase Your Retirement Savings Without Saving More both provide great tutorials
On a reasonably timely note, taxes, too, are a drag on your retirement savings … a cost, and a big one. 7 tax strategies the rich don’t want you to know

Focus on income generation during retirement.
We talk often of dividend paying stocks, and that is one great way to generate income. Don’t fall into the trap of monitoring current yields, though, because your yield is relative to your basis. That way you can take credit for appreciation, too – that’s a great start to optimizing your retirement! Dividend Stock Investors: Pay Attention to Your ‘Yield on Cost’
Here is another interesting analysis tool for selecting your dividend paying stocks, value. Dividend Growth Investors: Create Your Own Sense of Value
Good news is that the ETF world is responding, too. New High Dividend ETF with Free Cash Flow Focus by Pacer
Be smart about your Social Security, too. Ready to retire? Don’t rush your Social Security start date

Stretch your retirement savings as far as possible.
Recognizing that most people will not, really have enough money when they retire, when optimizing your retirement it may help to have some examples to follow. How to Retire and Live to 100 with $875,000 in Net Worth
There are behavioural tricks, too, to help stretch your nest-egg. 3 Easy Moves to Make Your Money Last Your Lifetime
Of course just plain saving money helps, too, i.e. be as thrifty as you reasonably can.  One great way is with ebates, the website and app automatically applies coupon codes and gives you cash back on purchases you plan to make anyway … sometimes even in the store. Check it out and sign up now, you will be glad you did. ebates This seems like a similar service, but only for the Chrome browser This Lazy Online Shopping Tool Actually Saves You a Ton of Money
Clearly, apps, bots and websites will be your best friend when it comes to saving money, and it gets easier every day. Hotel Tonight is another app we have used, and while it means doing short notice bookings (they sell unsold rooms at steep discounts), it often works out well. How to stay in luxury hotel rooms all over the world for less and Google Flights Now Shows Cheaper Fares From Different Services

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