beating the heat

Beating the Heat

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With a continuing heat wave nationwide, beating the heat is top of mind for everyone. Do all the normal things, but one sure way to stay cool is by resting assured of your retirement. So, take your weekly half hour to buzz through these good tips from across the web.

Beating the heat, focus on fees in your retirement accounts, don’t get soaked.
In a continuing theme here, its employees now have sued NY Life over excess fees inside their 401(k) plans. Whether or not true, the lesson here is to be sensitive to in house fund options (at least for now) because of these risks. New York Life sued by employees claiming excess 401(k) fees Money managers with in-house 401(k) plan options at risk of employee lawsuits: lawyers
While this is not spot on with fees, it is worth considering. 3 Retirement-Savings Mistakes the Average American Makes
Here’s the flip side of that issue, and a good perspective on it, too. Employers and the boards overseeing retirement plans need to keep a sharp eye on fees. This also provides a good reminder for you of FeeX as a resource for understanding your own cost structure. As 401(k) suits mount, check your own plan

Beating the heat, be sure you are saving more for retirement.
So, how much is enough? This article reviews the various rules of thumb and helps you judge for yourself. How Much You Really Need to Save for Retirement? You be the Judge.
Here’s an interesting twist on retirement income, back to the old ‘how much do I need to save’ question. There are a few tips and tricks worth reading in here. Is $1 Million Enough to Retire On?
It does not seem to be a big topic in the Presidential race, but it should. Here you will see how “experts” are saying Social Security will run dry by 2034 without intervention by Congress. Lest we forget it is 2016 now, and nothing will be done before 2017, that’s for sure. Social Security projected to run out
Some really good news, younger people are saving more systematically. 401(k) Bonanza: Why More Americans are Feeding Their Retirement Accounts

Beating the heat, lastly focus on building an income stream in retirement.
If you read one thing today, read this. It highlights and links to a paper by the CFA Institute that suggests you create a virtual annuity with your retirement nest egg. It is a fascinating concept well worth consideration and discussion. Theory to Practice: Siegel and Waring on Retirement Spending Rules
Good news from plan sponsors: they are embracing lifetime income solutions.  These are likely to be a cornerstone for any good retirement plan. Sponsors Warming Up to Lifetime Income Solutions
If nothing else, this article provides interesting background on the structure of REITs. This one, the largest, happens to have a pricing glitch that may yield you 7.5%. The Better 7.5% Yield

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