weathering the election a la Belushi

Weathering the Election

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Now everyone understands this will be a very different election cycle. Smart money will prepare for weathering the election with careful management of your retirement accounts. It is never too early or too late to focus your energy on what will provide you happy times for 30 or more years in retirement. So start now or keep on top of it, either way, be prepared for whatever comes your way. 

Improving your retirement, first focus on fees.
It is worth noting that others are taking notice of fees, especially in 401(k) plans, and this may be coming to your business, too. So, take a close look at your fee structure and raise the issue if it is egregious. Transamerica settles excessive-fee lawsuit with its employees for $3.8 million Cetera, plan sponsor sued for excessive fees in $25 million 401(k)
While this is not spot on with fees, it is worth considering. 3 Retirement-Savings Mistakes the Average American Makes
Don’t be fooled by the title, this article is a worthwhile read for everyone concerned with how to weather the election. A Millennial’s Guide to Money and Long Term Investing

Improving your retirement, next focus on saving more.
We have mentioned HSAs before, but this article lays out a great case for using these as a great retirement saving vehicle after you max out others. It happens to be a great way for weathering the election, keeping your savings tax-deferred. 7 benefits of HSAs
Here is a nice, short article on reasons why we do not save enough. It is worth the five minutes, trust me. How Americans blow $1.7 trillion in retirement savings
This may come as no surprise, I hope it does not, but only 27% of Americans are adequately saving for their retirement. 9 Reasons Why You’re Never Going to Retire
For the younger reader, or your kids, this is sage advice on entering the workforce. What Every New College Grad Should Know About Retirement Savings

Improving your retirement, lastly focus on building an income stream.
While this is a bit aged, the facts remain true, and these type ideas can help drive an income stream for your retirement. How to Place Your Money for Three Years and Get 7.74% Cash Returns It is still running at a discount, albeit smaller now, another good approach for weathering the election. RFTA Stock Quote
Here is another quick guide to finding the best dividend stocks. This one makes the point about keeping your fees in check, too! Retirement Strategy: Five Dividend Aristocrats to Buy Here
Here is Fidelity’s take on the QLAC (Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract) as a means to get you guaranteed income later in retirement. I remain a big advocate in the right situation. It is certainly worth your time. A way to secure retirement income later in life

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