Retirement’s vulnerable years

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Learn about your biggest retirement risk, get some leadership tips, travel news, and diversions for Super Bowl weekend – Go Pats

Retirement, retirement, retirement, don’t lose focus:
Two articles last week focused on the timing risk in your retirement. Now someone has crafted a product targeted at this, your highest exposure. It may not be the right product, but it certainly is the right idea. Insurance for the most dangerous decade of retirement
No news here, but it is interesting to see the data. Can you believe 36% of Americans have saved less than $1,000 for retirement? 3 Reasons Americans Don’t Save Enough for Retirement
This is a bit dated, but the concept remains valid. Question is, just how much risk do you like? If you have some appetite, this is a pretty interesting way to go. Profiting from VIX Cycles

Two quick thoughts on leadership:
Staying consistent here, I find this to be a vital element of leadership. 3 superpowers of public speaking
No doubt this is true. “…Presence is ‘earned authority.’ It does not come with position; it is earned through one’s competency, credibility and yes confidence.” Presence: Your Key to Stronger and Bolder Leadership
Why can’t travel just be easy any longer?
The good news is that there is no shortage of people trying to help make it easier. The cheapest time to book a flight? New app thinks it has found the secret.
They are finally to spend some money on the coach cabins, problem is… Economy Class Gets an Upgrade… Wait, Make That a Downgrade

Plenty of conversation starters for those lulls in the big game … halftime?
Is the cratering price of oil a good thing or a bad thing? For the US? Globally? Here’s What the Oil Crash Means for the World’s Biggest Economies
Did Government intervention/incentives cause the housing boom/bust, or did the Federal surplus? The Germans are Making the Same Huge Mistake Bill Clinton Did
Does a bad January for the markets mean a bad 2015? Stocks fell in January for just the 8th time since 1929. The last seven times that happened, the rest of the year sucked.
Would you take the Trans-Siberian railroad? If it only cost $1,000? If it takes a month? One Month on the World’s Longest Train Ride for $1,000

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