Focus on your retirement

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Focus on your retirement
Then, learn some cool stuff, too

No better time to deliver a focus on your retirement as volatility returns to markets:
As thinking evolves toward income producing capacity in retirement, two esteemed professors advocate the use of annuities in retirement planning. Bill Sharpe on Retirement Planning and U.S. should expand Social Security and make 2 other moves to avoid retirement crisis, according to expert on 401(k)s, pensions
Ten tips from investment professionals on things you can do to optimize your 401(k) now How to Whip Your 401(k) Into Shape
Here is a nice selection of articles about all phases of your retirement planning from a good source, Morningstar.’s 5 Keys to Retirement Investing
This one is included in the above, Morningstar list, but still interesting for those near that point: What key decisions do you need to make when you begin your withdrawal phase? 2 Key Decisions for Your Retirement Withdrawal Strategy
If nothing else, this one is fun for the interactive chart, and it makes the point well. 2 Things You Have To Do With Your Retirement Investments

Now, let off some steam with some interesting, non-taxing reads:
See a truly classic, complicated watch built Seeing the world’s most complicated watch get built is pretty incredible
Do you think there is hidden meaning in logos? There often is, read this to learn more 40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages, Starting With the Most Famous One

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