Consensus & Values as Leadership Tools

Consensus & Values as Leadership Tools
Plus: lots of retirement advice and some really good diversions

Improving Your Leadership and get better results:
Remarkably timely advice on consensus building A Six-Step Consensus Decision Making Framework
Don’t sacrifice values for growth 4 ways purpose-driven CEOs can align purpose with revenue

Improve Your Retirement and sleep better at night:
Is the retirement planning paradigm backwards? Retirement Investing: Are You Doing It All Wrong?
Almost no one saves enough for retirement. So, how do you make it work? A smart way to make your retirement money last
So, just how much money do you need to retire? Three Easy Retirement Rules of Thumb
Some, not all, things to consider in planning for retirement (I would add, don’t underestimate healthcare costs) because planning will win the day for you. How to Ruin Your Retirement Savings

Some Weekly Diversions Since You Need a Break:
Ronald Reagan, well planned, ‘off the cuff’ remarks because there is not much better role model for public speaking The Reagan Wit
Did you hear the one about the TSA agent who didn’t know DC was part of the USA? Reporter stopped by TSA agent who didn’t know District of Columbia is in US

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