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This week we take a quick look at markets & opportunities before turning to more fun things, like travel. With the chaotic and unpredictable election cycle in the US, evolving terror threat globally and continued weakness in the global economy, it seems to make sense to spend some time on Markets & Opportunities. Still, we’re all getting ready for Summer travel, so tips don’t hurt there. Enjoy.
Where are the markets & opportunities now?
Here is a fascinating look at the two sides of the market, business day and off-hours, if you will. The strange thing is, all the gains for the past 11 years have come from off-hours! WTF Chart of the Day: Without “Pajama Traders,” Stocks Have Gone Nowhere in 11 Years
We frequently talk about dividend stocks as a means of delivering retirement income. This article looks at a fascinating way to pick dividend stocks. These 7% Dividend Stocks Sell Way Below Book
No matter what you do, you will ultimately be wrong when investing. That’s okay. How to be Wrong as an Investor
Let’s find some timely tips to improve your Summer travels.
We should start by saving some money. This trick is news to me because, like the author, I figured one-way fares are always more expensive. Cheap Airline Tickets You’re Probably Missing Out On and How to Find Them
Here is another tip I simply did not know. These two are making me feel out of touch! Mobile Passport App Makes US Re-Entry Fast and Easy and It’s FREE!
Admittedly these are not the best ideas ever (like the ones above). Still, there are some pointers worth considering here. Travel Hacks: 8 Ways to Vacation Like a VIP at a Fraction of the Cost
Since you have saved all that money, here are some ways to use it. 4 luxurious train journeys that will make you feel like 19th-century royalty 4 Luxury South African Hotels You’ll Never Want to Leave Behold, the Caribbean’s First Over-the-Water Luxury Suites

I cannot resist sharing some interesting tidbits from around the web with you.
The pace of change in thinking on global warming, aka climate change, is quickening. This one is something of a doomsday view. A nightmarish new climate model predicts a gloomy future for cities from Hong Kong to New York
On a strangely related note, Google has some capabilities you may not know about yet. How about producing time-lapse satellite views of areas? Watch the planet morph before your eyes with Google’s mesmerizing time-lapse feature
Lastly, do you think you know what you would see if you could look all the way to the next land mass from the coast? You are probably wrong. 7 surprising maps that prove your view across the ocean isn’t what you think it is

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