Interesting Leadership Reading for January 17, 2014

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With earnings season upon us, take a break to learn or entertain yourself after the push.

Business Leadership:
People Power the Top Priority for CEOs in 2014 (

Financial Services Insight:
The Mint Countries: Next Economic Giants? (BBC)
Update: When Will Payroll Employment Exceed Pre-Recession Peak (Calculated Risk)
Fitch Warns of ‘Mission Creep’ on Traditional Captives (LifeHealthPro)
The 7 Hottest 401(k) Trends for 2014 (LifeHealthPro)

Interesting Diversions:
At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish are Over (The Mind Unleashed)
A Trucker’s Guide to Winter Driving (Popular Mechanics)
This Infographic Shows You How to Answer Police and Avoid Arrest (Lifehacker – This infographic shows you how to answer police and avoid arrest)

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