Happy Holidays and a New Direction

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The holidays are always a time for reflection; I start this entry by wishing you all the very happiest of holidays and hoping that you enjoy time away with your family and friends. In the spirit of reflection, I also embark on a new direction for my commentary here, moving beyond exclusively original thinking to embrace the best and most interesting insights and articles I find on the web. Going forward into 2014 and beyond, I will provide a balanced package of my original thinking, that of others I find consistent with my own, and interesting diversions you may appreciate to take you away from your day-to-day grind. I hope you enjoy this new format, and encourage you to share your reactions and hopes.

I will start with a representative cross-section of the types of links you will see here more regularly going forward.

In the spirit of resolutions:
Take This Oath to Communicate Change More Effectively (Kevin Eikenberry)
Seven Strategies for Simplifying Your Organization (HBR Blog)
10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day (Inc. Magazine)

Travel tips:
How to Pack A Suit (Business Insider)
10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save Hundreds on Your Next Trip (Open Forum)

Financial Services Insight:
How They Do It Elsewhere (NY Times)
The North Dakota Millionaires Rocking Oil Markets (FT Alphaville)

Interesting Diversions:
A Radical Pope’s First Year (The New Yorker)
St. Mary’s Ever-changing Christmas Lights (The Age)
Just How Big is Wal-Mart? (Mother Jones)

One thought on “Happy Holidays and a New Direction”

  1. Aside from the wisdom Mark shares in his blog, he’s done us all the service by culling through all sorts of materials and sharing insights from a number of publications and areas. There is an reason a number of scientific breakthroughs occur by people outside the field in question- reviewing a cross-section of information and applying an outside paradigm leads to creative breakthroughs. Thanks for providing the shortcut for us to do this.

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