Christmas Medley

Christmas Medley

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Christmas Medley, how can you resist naming this way? With Hanukkah and Christmas nearly concurrent this year, I am wish the very best of the holidays to everyone. No homework this time, simply things you may find interesting to steer the conversation out of a ditch in the coming week.

Christmas Medley: If you read one thing this holiday season, I implore you to read this.
The Jar
Christmas Medley: Do you like Rome or Game of Thrones?
If you do, you may like this new trilogy of books written by a historian with a love for the fantasy genre.  Epic Fantasy Meets Ancient Rome: An Interview with Michael Livingston, Author of “The Shards of Heaven” and “The Gates of Hell”
Christmas Medley: Fault me if you will, but do you like saving money?
You can never have too many money saving tips for airfare shopping. Plus, you can never be too up to date with your tactics. Here’s the latest from the Chicago Tribune. The best time to buy airline tickets and other travel advice for 2017
Maybe it isn’t all about saving money. Maybe it is about having the best possible experience. 9 travel hacks you’ll wish you knew all along

Christmas Medley: There must be a funny one in here to keep ready for a light moment.
Headline writing gone wrong … who needs fake news when you can have these goofs? Headlines Don’t Always Work Out the Way They Were Intended
Christmas Medley: Lists are fine, but with many of you off next week, here’s a good one.
So, you are off the week between the holidays, right? What will you be doing? The usual stuff, sure, but if you happen upon one of these, who’s to know? The cocktail-lover’s guide to 10 unforgettable, one-of-a-kind bars around the world

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