Organic Growth on a Shoestring Budget

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It remains a challenging environment, and you are looking for ways to grow organically without a big boost in your investment or expense budgets. Is it even possible? It is. There are multiple layers of organic growth to capture, often without changing cost structure. It starts with listening. The key to organic growth, incremental budgets or not, is to optimize your organizational strengths and market opportunities. The easiest way to do that is by getting into the organization, being accessible, and listening to front line team members. Then do the same with your customers and prospects. Listen, learn, and get a good sense for what works and what doesn’t. As a bonus, you learn how self-aware your organization is. Be open-minded, strengths may be organizational, ‘your customer support is way better than your competition,’ product related, ‘the xyz feature is unique,’ even intangible, ‘we feel good about our relationship.’ Now, develop a strategy to leverage those strengths, shore up the weaknesses, and promote them as differentiators. A little change of emphasis in your sales & marketing, internal communications, your own behavior (do not let this be a onetime thing, stay visible, stay engaged, keep listening), and maybe your metrics might be enough to change your revenue trajectory.

The next layer of organic growth may also be achievable on your shoestring budget. Listen carefully for opportunities – not just from your customers and prospects, either, your team members know your customers well. You may just uncover underserved or unmet needs. It is entirely possible that modest changes in product or organizational design can create breakthrough differentiators.

It all starts with listening, to your team, your customers and your prospects.

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