Leadership in Uncertain Times

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With the continuing sluggish economy, stubborn unemployment and seemingly intractable partisanship in Washington, it seems more and more certain that this environment truly is the new normal. Just what does that mean for leadership and your personal leadership style? Should you and your business continue to play it safe, stay on the sidelines and hoard cash? With records on Wall Street, corporate profitability and corporate cash hoards, that has been the case so far. I argue it is time we begin moving forward. Face reality, the partisanship in DC is not likely to diminish any time soon because, whatever their logic, the never-ending push for the next election cycle makes demonizing the opposition a favored strategy in both camps.

So, take continuing uncertainty and lack of movement on the truly important issues (like tax reform, entitlement reform, Government spending, National debt, etc.) as the norm and begin pushing forward. Treat uncertainty as the sure thing and focus on growth. Go ahead, revisit your vision for the organization, odds are the world is quite different today than it was when you last thought boldly. Build out that path to your vision, and, yes, build some triggers in there for changes in the Federal equation – I am not suggesting that ignorance is bliss. The key is not to confuse your message to the organization with those triggers. Paint that path forward, fund it, be bold and be committed. You may even get a jump, a large jump, on your competitors if you embrace this now.

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