Improve your leadership skills

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Improve your leadership skills to deliver superior results
Plus: some weekly guidance on your retirement planning

Leadership tips and insights along with an interesting, emerging trend:
Talk about hot topics, so much written recently about purpose driven organizations, this one puts it into an interesting context, worth a fast read as I have always said feeling good about what you do helps you to do it better Your Company’s Purpose is not it’s Vision, Mission or Values
This is a fun, while still insightful, piece about the big influence the little things can have 10 Ways to Say the Right Thing Every Time
Yes, there has been a lot written about this, too, servant leadership, but here again, there’s a gem in this one about showing gratitude, it is hard to remember, but do it The One Attribute All ‘Servant Leaders’ Have in Common
This is a great article if you seem to be stumped for growth Eight Ways to Rethink Your Business Model
This is a really interesting, emerging trend, may work in your favor, if you are flexible Surge pricing is the next wave of digital ordering

Live a better retirement by planning now:
Of course an actuary created a tool to figure your retirement income needs, good thing is he’s shared it A simple tool for figuring retirement income
No rocket science here, but always good to be reminded, especially after this sustained bull run 2 Things You Have to do with Your Retirement Investments

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