Some Holiday Gifts

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Leadership thoughts, retirement planning tips, fun for the holiday break

Some leadership ideas to consider while you’re away from the grind:
Having been on the leading edge of the quality push at GE, and taken to heart the GE values of integrity and candor, I loved this short piece: Integrity is Free
Interesting, quick tips on successful presenting skills, and an interesting blog to poke around in afterward. The 9 Biggest Mistakes When Presenting to Executives
Insightful piece on the interaction between culture and strategy. Culture Can Make or Break Strategy
You know what they say, actions speak louder than words Is It Time to Stop Saying Thank You

Timely thoughts for your retirement planning:
Great, you’ve saved a bundle in your 401(k), now what? A 401(k) Conundrum: Can You Make Your Cash Pile Last for Life?
A so called deep dive on the benefits of longevity annuities in retirement plans. A growing chorus is recognizing the value of longevity annuities
There will be a million opinions on this, here’s Morningstar’s: Now that annuities are OK in retirement plans, what strategy is best?
One of those periodic wake-up calls for you. Americans Are Not Remotely Financially Ready for Retirement

Since I hope you will have time to play around some, try these tidbits:
If you’re of a certain age, this will bring back a flood of memories. How fun that it isn’t as messy as it used to be! Nathan Friend’s Browser-Based Spirograph Emulator
I’ve harped a lot on the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce, but did you realize this Christmas Eve is the 200th anniversary of the last fighting between the US and Canada? Let’s Celebrate 200 Years of Peace Across the Border
There’s some pretty funny stuff in here … the longer you have been married, the more they will ring true. 30 Hilariously True Differences Between Men and Women
Bet you never heard one of these. A Guide to the Strange, Little-Known, Hard-to-Find Beatles Christmas Recordings

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