Business Transformation Requires Balance

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Successful business transformation requires all the elements outlined in, but, most importantly, it requires balance. Business transformation is neither a top line, nor a bottom line exercise. A balanced approach is essential, and the relative emphasis will depend upon the situation. There is no doubt, though, that focusing exclusively on growing the top line without any effort on the back of the house, business processes, productivity, cost and risk containment, will ultimately create much more challenging issues, if it works at all. A balanced refresh across the business is the hallmark of truly sustainable business transformation. Ultimately, all aspects of your operation from product or service to go-to-market strategy to business intake and fulfillment to billing and after sale support should get a hard look and refresh. Every constituency should feel the change. I have come to believe that properly executed the steps outlined in should not feel forced or dramatic. Rather, the best business transformations feel organic, like a natural evolution, not a sudden revolution. Remain focused and committed to your path and enjoy watching your customer and employee satisfaction scores rise inexorably. To them it just seems better, they may not realize the magnitude of change, and that is ideal. To you, both your top and bottom lines should improve, and your work environment should feel and be better, too.

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