Best leadership reading from the web February 21, 2014

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Dig out, some of you, take a few minutes and get some interesting perspective on leadership, financial services, and just fun diversions.

Business Leadership:
Leadership Gone Viral (Strategy & Business)
How I Almost Died: A Cautionary Tale (Inc.)
Finding a Role for Grace in Business (SmartBrief on Leadership)

Financial Services Insight:
Statistical illusions (Columbia Journalism Review)
Seeing the Big Picture (The Big Picture)
The Crushingly Expensive Mistake Killing Your Retirement (The Atlantic)

This Week’s Diversions:
There Are Whales Alive Today Who Were Born Before Moby Dick Was Written (Smithsonian)
The Dark Origins of 11 Classic Nursery Rhymes (Mental Floss)
41 Things To Know, For No Reason In Particular (Imgur)

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