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Independence Associates brings unique, powerful perspective to your most vexing issues. Comprised solely of seasoned business and functional leaders, Independence Associates is a boutique advisory firm serving the unique needs of senior business leaders by providing three basic services. Our senior advisory service provides a sounding board for issues like strategy development, implementation planning, execution issues, what-if scenarios, team dynamics issues, etc. We provide unique access to unbiased, unfiltered, non-threatening and well-founded perspective on a wide array of issues. We also deliver project support for initiatives from strategic planning to product development, go-to-market strategies to deployment plans, etc. Finally, we provide a turnkey solution for life and annuity companies that dramatically lowers first year cash and capital strain associated with writing new business. We offer similar services to investors through our Private Equity partner portfolios. Unlike most consulting firms, Independence Associates brings real-world experience to bear yielding higher impact, faster, with less disruption, and lower cost. Don’t spend your time and money educating consultants for the security of a big name, with all their overhead, consider Independence Associates, your trusted advisor.

Business leaders like you contract with Independence Associates on a retainer basis and have 24×7 access to this unique perspective.

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Strategic Advisory Support for Senior Business Leaders