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Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is one of those once forgotten, newly revitalized holidays I am glad to say has gotten some legs since 9/11/01. Our veterans, along with our Firefighters and Police, gained a new level of respect and admiration in the wake of the cowardly attacks that day. I will not delve into the Presidential election here, except to note that one of the pillars of Donald Trump’s rhetoric was to treat our veterans better. I hope his team holds him to that oft repeated refrain. Indeed, all three of these classes of people, proud servants of the general populace, deserve our respect, admiration and hearty defense.

Veteran’s Day: Just how many are we thanking today?
Your job today is to find a veteran and say thanks, literally. Depending upon where you look, it appears there are about 18 million vets out there … lest we forget active service, too!  The US Veteran Population
If you want to take a ‘deep dive’ into the data, here’s your best bet, e.g. MN has 369K vets and ME has 127K (latest data). National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics
Perhaps most interesting … and worth clicking through to from here … is a view of the demographics. Projected Veteran Population 2013 – 2043