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Memorial Day

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day. Perhaps celebrate is too strong a word, or maybe we tend to lose sight of the reason for the holiday. Indeed, it is far too easy to get caught up in the ‘start of Summer’ mayhem typical for the cherished long weekend. So, I give you some perspective: since the Revolutionary War, US forces have suffered 1,354,000+ deaths and 1,498,000+ casualties (source: Of course, these days we hear a lot about PTSD and the epidemic of suicides in our veterans. When you are enjoying your weekend, I implore you to reflect a moment on the sacrifice made by these brave men and women to make that possible.

Busy week in the Presidential race.
Defying all odds, Donald Trump surpassed the 1,237 delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination. Just what are we in for this Fall?
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continued to have a rocky path to the Democrat nomination, with Bernie Sanders staying wholeheartedly engaged in the race and the State Department Inspector General releasing a scathing rebuke on the email server scandal. The Washington Post is the last place you expect to see critic of Mrs. Clinton, but Washington Post scorches Hillary Clinton in scathing editorial slamming her email setup. Even the AP is calling her to task: AP Fact Check: Clinton misstates key facts in email episode and Clinton email use broke federal rules
Even found a couple of good analysis pieces for your reading pleasure. How Hillary Loses and Trump, Clinton and Sanders: What’s the difference, fiscally speaking? Hint, it’s not a pretty picture.

As we enter peak travel season, some tips.
Do what you can to improve your travel experience. Travel like a CEO: Five experts on how to master the business trip  and 13 Hacks for traveling like the 1% at no cost
Don’t get greedy, though, there are plenty of traps out there, too. Fraudulent hotel booking sites are more common than you might think – here’s how you can spot them
When you get to your destination, have fun. Amazing bars around the world to drink at before you die