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Admire some American Heroes

Admire some American Heroes
Then: tune up your retirement savings and take a little break, too

Two Vietnam vets get the recognition they deserve:
The two latest Medal of Honor winners are from Vietnam, read their astonishing stories Despite wounds, Medal of Honor recipient killed up to 175 enemies, saved comrades

A weekly dose of retirement guidance:
Continuing my crusade on lowering your fees, here are some tips for inside your 401(k), or 403(b), I suppose, for that matter Creative Ways to Cut Your 401(k) Fees

John Kim, NY Life Vice Chair, tells you why to feel good about the economic outlook 9 reasons why Alan Greenspan is wrong about everything

Better than average weekly diversions:
An animated look at the changing composition of the United States 170 Years of American History in One Amazing GIF
A truly disturbing story about invasive species Here’s how “disruptive innovation” works in nature
You might imagine we’ve found everything on Earth, right? Not so fast, and it’s right next door! Archeologists Discover Two Long Lost Ancient Maya Cities in Jungle of Mexico

Buy and hold beats chasing performance

Buy and hold beats chasing performance
Plus: some lighter things to ease you into the long weekend, enjoy

Make Every Weekend a Long Weekend Sooner with These Retirement Tips:
The report is dense, but the summary easy, chasing performance does not pay. Vanguard: Quantifying the Impact of Chasing Fund Performance
While I hate to add complexity to your retirement planning, fact is no single advisor is ideally suited to address every element of your plan. Read this, trust me: Can Your Financial Advisors, Attorneys & Accountants Build You a Unified Retirement Income Plan?
A simplified, USA Today view of your retirement readiness … a nice offset for some of the more intense citations this week Seven ways to prepare financially for retirement
This Week’s Diversions:
I suppose it is no surprise, but I thought Sochi was a Summer place? Just Six Months After the Olympics, Sochi Looks Like a Ghost Town
I’m guessing you’re not going here anytime soon. So, it’s fun to have a peek at a really forbidden city. Explore Pyongyang North Korea Like Never Before in Mind-Bending ‘Flow-motion’ Hyperlapse
May not be the most sound retirement strategy, but I bet you’ll look These 8 Coins *Could* be in Your Wallet

Invest in Your Retirement

Invest in your retirement by focusing on your strategy and execution.
Plus: celebrate the centennial of the Panama Canal, along with some other photos

Invest in Your Retirement During Your Summer Break:
As always, save more and max out your match 5 big retirement mistakes
Millenials, guess what, save more and watch your allocations Major retirement savings mistakes – by millenials
That’s right, save more, or save longer Average worker needs to save 15% to fund retirement
See if you have access to a Roth 401(k), it might be a better option The Great Retirement Account You’re Not Using

Some Weekly Photo Diversions:
Today, August 15, 2014, marks the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal 100thAnniversary of Panama Canal: Pictures
Whether this will, or will not happen, I cannot say, but we clearly are not prepared for it Picture This: U.S. Cities Under 12 Feet of Sea Level Rise
I think the helmet tester should get in line with the NFL settlement Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments in US History

Consensus & values as leadership tools

Consensus & values as leadership tools
Plus: lots of retirement advice and some really good diversions

Improving Your Leadership:
Remarkably timely advice on consensus building A Six-Step Consensus Decision Making Framework
Don’t sacrifice values for growth 4 ways purpose-driven CEOs can align purpose with revenue

Improve Your Retirement:
Is the retirement planning paradigm backwards? Retirement Investing: Are You Doing It All Wrong?
Almost no one saves enough for retirement. So, how do you make it work? A smart way to make your retirement money last
So, just how much money do you need to retire? Three Easy Retirement Rules of Thumb
Some, not all, things to consider in planning for retirement (I would add, don’t underestimate healthcare costs) How to Ruin Your Retirement Savings

Some Weekly Diversions:
Ronald Reagan, well planned, ‘off the cuff’ remarks The Reagan Wit
Did you hear the one about the TSA agent who didn’t know DC was part of the USA? Reporter stopped by TSA agent who didn’t know District of Columbia is in US

Some thoughts on leadership and its antithesis

Some thoughts on leadership and its antithesis
Plus: the challenge facing broker/dealers…how to attract Millenials

Leadership, or not:
How CEOs can use personal and corporate values to drive revenue, seemingly counter intuitively 4 ways purpose-driven CEOs can align purpose with revenue
A cheat sheet to being ‘exceptional.’ Think about it, it’s what you wanted. 10 Things Only Exceptional Bosses Give Their Employees
Does salty language really help? A telling infographic on how stress changed CEO behavior F-Bombs Tolerated in Recession Cause CEOs Trouble Later
I could not resist, can someone explain how this makes sense, even remotely? Report: Chelsea Clinton earns up to $75K per speech NY Times Columnist Slams Chelsea’s Buckraking for ‘The Rapacious, Gaping Maw of Clinton, Inc.’

The Millenial Challenge:
Decipher their needs and wants, then adapt US financial advisers try to win over wary Millenials
Leverage what works with them to get their attention The Science Behind Reaching Millenials (Infographic)

Some Weekly Diversions:
How to optimize your next shopping spree 16 Tips Every Amazon Addict Should Know
Beware the headbanging rock of your youth (perhaps?) 5 most incredible discoveries of the week
Seems there is an infinite supply of crazy, old picture sites, but still they always have something interesting in them Curiosities: Amazing Historical Pictures

A focused look at your retirement

A focused look at your retirement
Plus: some tips on beating the casino and a look back at careers launched on ‘Seinfeld’

Retirement Insight:
The incredible, and forgotten, power of compounding How 1% can add $1 million to retirement
The equally incredible corrosive power of fees One Easy Way to Quintuple Your Nest Egg
Don’t forget about the effects of inflation, especially over very long planning horizons How to Keep Inflation from Killing Your Retirement
More on Nobel Laureate Robert Merton’s view that retirement assets should have an income, not asset focus A Nobel Laureate’s Retirement Proposal
A more detailed look at the new longevity insurance rules from last week 5 things to know about the new longevity insurance rules
As always, planning helps, especially with retirement Create a Personal Spending Plan for a More Secure Retirement

On the Lighter Side:
We all know the house has the edge, here are some ways to change that 10 Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino
The key to this one, how many do you remember? 25 Future Stars Who Appeared on ‘Seinfeld’

A high note for retirement savers from Treasury

Plus: a new way to think about negotiations, some better ways to think about retirement savings, and hope for the torture that is travel today.
Retirement Insight:
The Treasury Department fulfilled some of the promise of the Pension Reform Act this week by enabling deferred income annuities in 401(k) and IRA accounts, read about this, it is a big win Treasury Issues Final Rules Regarding Longevity Annuities and Treasury Allows Longevity Annuities in Retirement Plans

Much like the free app Lumosity, which I love because it has a variety of games to keep you engaged over time, these programs leverage the latest scientific knowledge to improve your memory and IQ, try them all How to Add 2.75 IQ Points per Hour of Training, Cambridge Brain Sciences, and Lumosity

Holiday Weekend Levity:
You may not like them all, but you are sure to like a few. Go ahead, have a laugh. 30 Smart Jokes You May Have to Think Twice About
Same idea, some goofy facts which you might find amusing. At least there will be a few that make you scratch your head. 52 Facts About Everyday Things That Will Change the Way You Look at Them Forever