Understanding Longevity Risk

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Understanding Longevity Risk
Then a quick note on US economic recovery and some fun things, too

Being right about your longevity is the real key to retirement planning:
Yes, I focus a lot on costs and compounding when talking retirement, but it really comes down to how long you will be living, doesn’t it? That’s your longevity risk. My focus is right because you want to get the most bang for your savings, but still, how much should you have? Plan for a Long Life When Saving for Retirement
I have mentioned these several times before, but I am not the only one thinking “longevity annuities” will be the big push in 2015 after Treasury approved them inside your 401(k) or IRA. ‘Longevity’ in annuities could be the big 2015 focus
The good news is you should expect … and push for … your retirement plan to show you just how much income you can expect from your savings. Lifetime Income Estimates Would Boost Retirement Savings Rate, Study Finds
Lest we forget, fees matter, but here is a completely different perspective, shareholder fees matter most according to this article, makes sense. The great mutual fund expense ratio lie

One interesting article about the US economy:
This helps explain the discrepancy between rosy figures on the economy and the persistent malaise at the local level. Only 2% of counties have fully recovered! Much of America Still Hasn’t Recovered from the Recession

Interesting reading from around the web:
Two articles this week on Google’s changes to Google Translate. If you head overseas this is a real win Google Translate Update May Save You a Lot of Money and even a demo Watch Google Translate decipher foreign signs in real time (could have used that once or twice!)
This one gives you an infographic on what Apple products drive revenue. Where Apple’s Money Comes From
Beware the consequences of exceeding your free bag limit on airlines. What Airlines Don’t Tell You About That Free Bag

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