Time for a volatility play?

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If you’re going through hell keep going” – Winston Churchill

Markets and the Economy – time to leveraging volatility?:
With all the turmoil caused by Greece, Puerto Rico, the Fed, the sluggish economy, and so on, maybe one thing that is predictable is volatility. These three articles give differing perspectives; draw your own conclusion. History Says Shorting Volatility is the Right Move Here Volatility Surges 35% on Grexit Fears: It’s Time to (Start) Shorting the VIX Feeling Unfulfilled by the Volatility Tease?
These two articles present a more nuanced view of Volatility, and pre-date the Greece hysteria from earlier this week. Presenting a likely more reasoned view. Trading the VIX: I Want Volatility with My Volatility ETF Adoption of VXUP as a Hedging Instrument Could Transform Investment Management

Your retirement – a friendly reminder about costs:
No matter how you approach saving for your retirement, you should always remain hypervigilent about embedded costs. Here are some more tips on that: Here’s how much your 401(k) is really costing you
In my favorite corollary to costs, fees and the active vs. passive debate. Active vs. Passive: How fund managers stack up to index funds
Now this is a twist even I didn’t see coming on costs, low cost active funds outperform high cost active funds … I suppose that’s likely, but proven? Morningstar: Low-cost Active Funds Outlast, Outperform High-cost Peers

Travel – Summer travel season is squarely upon us, do it right:
Always looking to save on flights … can it be more complicated? Google Flights Guys on When to Purchase Flights ‘The Best Time to Buy is Now’
Since we’re listening to Google Flights guys, how about a tutorial? Using Google Flights to Find Cheap Airfares
Thrifty, but smart, ways to save on long hauls. Best Airlines to Fly International Economy

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