Some great economic analysis

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Plus, some leadership and travel tips, and a bevy of just cool facts

Agree, or disagree, it is great to get hard data on the table for discussion:
A great, short economic analysis on the greatest problems facing the global economy, summed up in a single, mind-boggling chart The Defining Problem of Our Times (in 1 simple chart)
An economic analysis to help you understand what is really driving the Wall Street run since the 2008 bottom, again in one simple chart Why Institutions are so Desperate for the Retail Investor to Come Back
The leader of Germany’s Central Bank lays out some hard truths, his economic analysis and candor is refreshing, and this one has a bunch of charts. Kudos to Herr Weidmann for Uttering Three Truths in One Speech

Because we all need to keep refreshing our leadership skills, and no single article or idea is the Holy Grail:
Keep your team, and your business, focused by dealing with the biggest issues first Great CEOs Deal with ‘Elephants’ First

I saw this in two different articles, and it seems brilliant … plus, you can still get in on the indiegogo campaign:
A cool idea to blend current technology with luggage … know where it is, know what it weighs, keep your stuff secure … all linked to your smartphone! Connecting Flight: Bluesmart Smart Carry-on Luggage

Now, for the cool stuff, from a German U-Boat to the Cosmos:
Over 70 years after the battle, they have uncovered a U-Boat and its prey off the coast of North Carolina. How cool is that? Uncovering a Hidden Battleground
Some are dumb, some are fascinating, I like the ant and the flights, you? 12 mesmerizingly informative GIFs
Talk about culture shock, the retired Attica prison warden visits a contemporary facility in Norway An American Warden Visited a Norwegian Prison, and He Couldn’t Believe What He Saw
These few slides put it all in perspective You Won’t Think of Life on Earth the Same After You See These 15 Photos

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