Best leadership reading from the web January 31, 2014

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Spend five minutes to get some interesting commentary on leadership, financial services, and some fun diversions.

Business Leadership:
11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader (Dave Kerpen)
Watch Steve Jobs demonstrate the Macintosh to the public for the first time (The Verge)
8 Bad Public Speaking Habits to Break Now (The Fast Track)

Financial Services Insight:
Forget Market Timing, and Stick to a Balanced Fund (New York Times)
Penny Pricing for U.S. Stocks Said to Get Scrutinized (Bloomberg Personal Finance)
Global unemployment is about to get worse (Quartz)

Interesting Diversions:
LinkedIn Security: 5 Tips For Keeping Your Data Safe (Business News Daily)
Top Business Leaders and Young Professionals on the Key to Networking Success (Brazen Life)
Stupid things you need to stop doing at the airport (Thrillist)
One chart shows how Apple has truly become the post-PC company (Quartz)

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